8:30 Traditional

Shiloh offers a traditional worship service at 8:30 every Sunday morning.  During this service, worshippers experience:


Inspirational congregational singing


The great hymns of the faith are featured at this early service.  The organ and piano accompany the congregation as it sings hymns that have encouraged and comforted the people of God through the ages. 


Heartfelt prayer


We serve a prayer-hearing and a prayer-answering God.  Shiloh believes in the power of prayer and, therefore, lifts its voice to the Lord in the context of corporate worship.


Special music


The Lord has blessed Shiloh with musical depth and variety.  Special music is planned each week and takes the form of a vocal solo, duet, trio, quartet, or choral group.  The Shiloh choir ministers through a wide array of musical expression as they praise the Lord.


Meditative communion


On the first Sunday of each month, Shiloh observes the Lord’s Table.  This time of spiritual reflection enhances the worship experience as believers partake of the elements in remembrance of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice on Calvary’s cross.


Relevant Bible teaching


Shiloh believes that the Scripture was given for our transformation.  Each week Pastor Lyon shares the life-changing truths of the Word of God.  Pastor’s messages are expository sermons, teaching and applying the Bible to twenty-first century believers. 

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